Certificate in Global and Multicultural Perspectives

Units required for Certificate: 12

Program Description

Total Units: 12 units minimum—9 of which must be upper division.
All courses in Section A and B are also approved for General Education.

All courses and petitions for substitution will be approved by the Office of Undergraduate Studies and will reflect the criteria and learning outcomes of the Certificate Program.

Program Requirements

Global and Multicultural Perspectives on Contemporary Society (3-6 Units)
Select 3-6 upper division units from the following:3 - 6
From Area B5:
Global Climate Change
From Area D:
Cultural Diversity
The Nature of Culture
Culture and Society in Mexico
Peoples of Southeast Asia
Cultures of South Asia
Women Cross-Culturally
Culture and Poverty
US Mexican Border Relations
Race and Ethnicity in Latin America and Caribbean
Politics of the African Diaspora
Native American Tribal Governments
Genocide and Holocaust Studies
Pan African Studies
Population Geography
Geology and the Environment
GOVT 142
GOVT 143
GOVT 144
GOVT 147
GOVT 148
Europe Since 1945
The Fall Of Communism
Revolutionary and Modern Mexico
Colonial Latin America
Modern and Contemporary Latin America
The Modern Middle East
Modern Japan, 1800-present
Conflict, Oil and Development in the Middle East
Sociology of Globalization
Crosscultural Theory and Practice: Issues of Race, Gender and Class
Introduction to the Women's Movement in Contemporary Society
From GE Honors:
Science and the Public Good
Civic Engagement, Service Learning: Pursuing the Public Good
Global and Multicultural Perspectives on Arts and Humanities (3-6 Units)
Select 3-6 units from the following:3 - 6
From Area C1 (Arts):
Latin American and Latino Art History
Art of India and Southeast Asia
Art of China and Japan
Modern East Asian Cinema
Appreciation and History of Dance
Dance Cultures Of America
African-Caribbean Dance
Masterpieces of the Cinema
The Film
Contemporary Issues in Film
Introduction to Italian Cinema I
World Music: Asia
World Music: Africa
World Music: Latin America
Multicultural Puppetry
Black Drama in the African Diaspora
Women and Theatre: Staging Diversity
From Area C2 (Humanities):
Archaeology of Mexico
Japanese Culture and Society
History of Childhood: International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Chinese Civilization
European Economic History
Multicultural Children's Literature
Postcolonial Literature
Topics in Multi-Ethnic Literatures
Twentieth Century Fiction by Women
African Religions and Philosophies
French Civilization
Heroes, Dragons and Quests
German Mythology and Legend
German Folk Literature, Legend, and Lore
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in Germany
German Civilization: Beginning to 16th Century
German Civilization: 17th Century to Present
Mediterranean Europe: From the Renaissance to the European Union
Great Ages and Issues in Modern European History
Everyday Life and Society in Antiquity
The Ancient Near East: A Cultural History
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Early Medieval Europe
History of Women in Western Civilization, Prehistory-Middle Ages
History of Women in Western Civilization, Renaissance-Present
History of Women in Africa
Middle Eastern History to 1800
Cultural History of Japan to 1800
The History of Manga
History of Buddhism
China: Antiquity to 1600 AD
Birth Of The Modern
Global Crossings: Art and Culture 1945 to Present
HRS 140
Introduction to Islamic Cultures
African Arts and Cultures
World Mythology
Great Mystics of the World
Introduction to the East Asian World
The Classical Culture of China
Chinese Philosophy and Religion
Modern Japanese Literature and Culture
World Religions and Cultures in Cinema
Fantasy and Romance
Italian Civilization: The Dialogue Form It's Origins and European Context
Chinese Philosophy
Philosophies Of India
Russian Civilization
Sociology of Popular Culture
Asian Societies
Middle Eastern Societies and Culture
Women Of The Middle East
From GE Honors:
The Public Good Through the Visual and Performing Arts
Global and Multicultural Perspectives in the Discipline (3 Units)
Select 3 units 13
Total Units9-15