Pupil Personnel Services School Counseling Credential

Total units required for Credential: 15

Program Description

California schools, kindergarten through high school, require their school counselors to have the PPS-SC. Students pursuing the 57-unit PPS-SC Credential follow the exact same course requirements as students with the 60-unit Master’s in Counseling Degree objective who are specializing in school counseling, with the exception of a 3-unit Culminating Requirement. The 60-unit master’s degree is not required, although most students elect to complete the degree. In addition to the PPS-SC course requirements, individuals who obtain the credential must pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST), required for all K-12 credentials in California. The program meets all standards established by the California Commission for Teacher Credentialing (CCTC).

Students pursuing the Pupil Personnel Services School Counseling Credential follow the same course requirements, with the exception of the Culminating Requirement, as do master's degree students with the School Counseling specialization objective.

Note: This program is not open to applicants who have completed master’s in counseling degrees from other institutions.

Program Requirements

EDC 234Seminar: Marriage and Family Counseling3
EDC 242Play and Art in Therapy with Children3
EDC 270Organization and Administration of School Counseling Programs3
EDC 272Counseling Children and Youth3
EDC 274Guidance and Consultation in School Counseling3
Total Units15