Minor in Asian Studies

Units required for Minor: 24, twelve of which must be in upper division

Program Description

The minor offers students a framework to explore one or more Pacific Asian societies from an interdisciplinary perspective. It is particularly relevant for students in various academic or applied disciplines who have a regional interest in Pacific Asia.

Program Requirements

Course Requirements (12 Units)
ART 3ATraditional Asian Art3
or ART 3B Modern and Contemporary Asian Art
ASIA 198Asia in the World Today3
or HIST 192C Seminar in Recent Interpretations of Asian History
HIST 6Asian Civilizations3
POLS 145Asian Politics3
or MUSC 119A World Music: Asia
Electives (12 Units)
Select 12 units of electives from four different groupings listed under the major12
Language Proficiency
Language proficiency is not required for the minor; however, students are highly encouraged to study an Asian language.
Total Units24