Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)

How to Read Course Descriptions

FACS 100.     Research: Methods and Application in Family and Consumer Sciences. 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): 6 FACS units completed. FACS majors only

Term Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

Study of methods and application of research in the field of Family and Consumer Sciences. Focus on scientific inquiry, methodology, evidenced-based practice, interpretation of research results, program and project evaluation., and professional communication. Includes the examination of ethical practices, professional presentation skills, and technical writing skills.

FACS 140.     Family Resource Management. 3 Units

General Education Area/Graduation Requirement: Understanding Personal Development (E)

Term Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

Management of resources in family systems. Interaction of families with other societal and environmental systems in acquiring and using resources to meet goals and other demands.

FACS 141.     Family Finance. 3 Units

General Education Area/Graduation Requirement: Understanding Personal Development (E)

Term Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

Economic problems of and financial management by the individual and family. Topics include: income patterns, inflation, credit, contracts, housing, financial services, insurance, taxes, investments, retirement income planning.

FACS 156.     Child Life and Family-Centered Care. 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): FACS 52 or CHDV 30 or CHDV 35 or a course in child development/human development, covering at least birth through adolescence with instructor permission.

Term Typically Offered: Summer only

Overview of the Child Life profession and child life practices. Focus on family-centered care for children in the healthcare environment and their families. Major course topics include: scope of practice in child life; ethical and professional practice; impact of illness, injury and health on patients and family; techniques and outcomes of preparation; therapeutic play; grief and bereavement.

Note: This course is designed to meet the specifications set forth by the Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) for the child life course required for certification as a Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS)

FACS 168.     Senior Seminar. 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): 21 FACS units.

Term Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

Designed to synthesize knowledge in Family and Consumer Sciences. Examination of the concentration in the major and career exploration. Analysis of public policy and ethical issues, professionalism and leadership strategies. Includes personal and professional competency assessment and development of an academic and professional portfolio.

FACS 195A.     Field Study: Selected Areas in Family and Consumer Sciences. 1 - 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): Instructor permission.

Term Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

Guided study and experience in some area within Family and Consumer Sciences in which the student needs orientation or greater depth of study in a specialized field.

Credit/No Credit

FACS 195C.     Internship. 1 - 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): Upper division status; instructor permission obtained in the preceeding semester; 2.5 GPA or above.

Term Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

Directed observation and supervised work experience in an approved business, government, or service agency. Internships are offered for the purpose of increasing student understanding of the nature and scope of agency operations and giving students orientation in occupational specialties. Supervision is provided by authorized persons in the cooperating agencies and collaborative supervision is provided by the Family and Consumer Sciences faculty. Each student is required to maintain a record of activities and assignments and to prepare periodic reports.

Note: Student must make arrangements with a faculty member for a work program one semester prior to admittance to the course. A minimum of three hours per week per unit of credit is required.

Credit/No Credit

FACS 199.     Special Problems. 1 - 3 Units

Term Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

Individual projects or directed reading.

Note: Departmental petition required.

Credit/No Credit