College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies

Program Description

Economics is a social science that examines the functioning of markets, the determination of prices and distribution of income, and the determination of the overall level of income and rates of unemployment and inflation. In addition, Economics deals with various social problems. The Economics major at Sacramento State is designed to provide students with a liberal education with special emphasis on the economic aspects of society, on familiarization with techniques for the analysis of contemporary economic problems, developing the ability to think critically, and to conceptualize and to possess the communication and computer skills to evaluate private and public policy issues.

The Economics program is appealing to students due to the quality of its faculty, the breadth of its course offerings, and the amount of choice it offers the student in planning his or her coursework. In addition to training in the traditional economics areas, the program offers such diverse courses as the California economy, state and local finance, energy, environmental and resource economics, and urban economics. Students find the Department of Economics congenial to their educational and career objectives.

A minor in Economics may be especially attractive to students majoring in Business Administration, Government, and Environmental Studies or in one of the other Social Science disciplines. The Economics minor adds both theoretical and analytical depth. In addition, it provides the historical and institutional background important to an understanding of contemporary economic issues. It offers students in other majors a broader-based undergraduate education while widening the choice of job possibilities. Employers view the minor in Economics favorably.

Degree Programs

BA in Economics

Minor in Economics

Certificate in Economics Education

MA in Economics

Special Features

  • Students in the Sacramento State Economics program benefit from a wide range of opportunities to work in the private and public sectors. The Economics Department offers internships for academic credit to students who are interested in the application of economics in the private and public sectors. This kind of practical experience enhances employment opportunities after graduation.
  • Former Sacramento State Economics students are working at all levels of government and in many private businesses in the fields of finance, real estate, professional services, etc. Some are in the teaching profession, K-12 and community colleges, while others have continued their studies toward a Masters degree or a Ph.D. at such institutions as Notre Dame, Washington University at St. Louis, the University of Pittsburgh, University of California, Santa Cruz, Johns Hopkins University, and University of California, Davis.
  • The Sacramento State Economics faculty is diverse in areas of specialization and draws upon both its advanced academic training and practical experience. Faculty members have published articles, papers, and books, and enjoy reputations as experts in their fields. Besides providing a reputable and experienced faculty, the Economics Department offers personal advising for students in the planning and meeting of academic and career goals.

Pre-Major Requirements

Freshman or transfer students interested in the Economics Major are admitted as Pre-Major Economics students.

To change to an Economics major, all students are required to complete the following grade and course requirements and submit a Declaration of Major form to the Economics Department along with transcript copies:

  1. An overall GPA of 2.0 and be in good academic standing.
  2. Completion of the Pre-Major Required Courses with a "C" or better in each course. Only first or second attempts will be considered.

Career Possibilities

Actuary · Advertising Executive · Auditor· Bank Officer · Bond Trader · Budget Analyst · Business Forecaster · Business Manager· College Professor · Commodity Price Forecaster · Cost Analyst · Credit Analyst/Loan Officer · Demographer· Economic Forecaster ·  Energy Economist · Entrepreneur · Estate Planner  · Financial Analyst/Planner · Financial Officer · Government Administrator · Healthcare Administrator · Human Resources Administrator · Industrial/Institutional Buyer · Industry Analyst ·  Information Scientist · Insurance Salesperson · Intelligence Agent · International Trade Specialist · Journalist · Labor Relations Specialist · Lawyer · Litigation Analyst · Management Consultant/Analyst · Market Research ·  Analyst · Natural Resource Economist · Policy Analyst · Politician · Public Utilities Manager · Real Estate Agent/Broker · Sales Manager ·  Securities Salesperson/Broker · Statistician · Teacher · Technical Writer Transportation Specialist · Underwriter · Urban/Regional Planner

Contact Information

David Lang, Department Chair
Sharon Jordan, Administrative Support Coordinator
Tahoe Hall 3028
(916) 278-6223