Minor in Bilingual/Multicultural Education

Units required for Minor: 12

Program Description

In addition to University-based courses, the minor can include a field-based course in an educational setting with high numbers of children and adolescents from diverse backgrounds. Students develop a coherent course of study in education and diversity with a Bilingual/Multicultural Education (BMED) Advisor and approval from the BMED Chair. This minor is especially recommended for students seeking the bilingual authorization for their teacher credential offered through the BMED Multicultural/Multilingual Teacher Preparation Center.

Program Requirements

The Education Minor offered by the Bilingual/Multicultural Education Department (BMED) consists of 12 units or more of upper division education courses that focus on diversity and education. Courses in the minor offer students the opportunity to explore the issues of race, culture, language, class, gender, and ability/disability, and their relationship to education.