Minor in Latin American Studies

Units required for Minor: 21

Program Description

The minor in Latin American Studies (LAS) provides students with coursework that explores the historical, social, cultural, political, and transnational/transoceanic conditions of Latin American societies as well as the ways in which these factors have shaped historical and contemporary Latino/a/x identities. The curriculum includes courses from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and allows students to specialize in particular topical and/or thematic areas of interest.

Program Requirements

Required Upper Division Courses (6 Units)
HIST 138AColonial Latin America3
HIST 138BModern and Contemporary Latin America3
Elective Courses (15 Units) 1,2
Arts & Literature
Select two of the following:6
Latin American and Latino Art History
Latin American History in Film
World Music: Latin America
Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Literature
Latin American Literature, Beginnings to Modernism
Latin American Literature, Modernism to Present
The Short Story in Latin America
Civilization and Culture of Mexico
Select three of the following:9
Archaeology of Mexico
The Evolution of Early Mesoamerican States
Culture and Society in Mexico
Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
Introduction to Chicano/Latino Studies
La Raza Studies
La Mujer Chicana
US Mexican Border Relations
Race and Ethnicity in Latin America and Caribbean
Politics of the African Diaspora
Politics of the African Diaspora
Latin American Government and Politics
History Of Mexico To 1910
Revolutionary and Modern Mexico
Latin American Revolutions in the Twentieth Century
Mexican-American History
Anarchists and Revolutionaries: Transnational Radicalism in America
Seminar in Recent Interpretations of Latin American History
Chicano Community
Immigration Studies
Sociology of Globalization
Civilization and Culture of Hispanic America
Civilization and Culture of Spain
Total Units21