BS in Career and Technical Studies

Units required for the Major: 39
Total units required for BS: 120

Program Description

This program is designed to provide training for adults who wish to train/teach in a career technical/business program in public institutions or private business settings. The Bachelor's degree includes the Designated Subjects Teaching Credential in Career Technical Education or Adult Education and the Supervision and Coordination Credential. The program is offered on weekends and uses instructional techniques suited to adult learners.

Eligibility Requirements

The CTS degree program requires that students have five to seven years of career technical/business experience in a designated field prior to graduation. Degree candidates receive up to 30 elective units for prior job experience, teaching/training experience, supervisory experience, and current professional development and education. In addition, candidates complete general education and graduation requirements for Sacramento State and the Career and Technical Studies Major.


  • Students will receive letter grades, "A" to "F," for all courses except special problems and field experience for which Credit/No Credit grades will be assigned. Students completing the teaching or supervision credentials will apply to the Sacramento County Office of Education.
  • In addition to the courses listed, students must receive credit through the Application for Review and Evaluation of Work Experience which will go through an evaluation process for past career technical/teaching experience and must be approved by the reviewer for the degree. Students may receive up to 30 elective units from this evaluation.

Program Requirements

Required Courses (39 Units)
EDUC 102Characteristics and Management of Career Technical Education 13
EDUC 103Assessment and Instruction in Career Technical Education 13
EDUC 104Teaching Diverse Learners in Career Technical Education 23
EDUC 105Advanced Instructional Design, Program Evaluation and Leadership in Career Technical Education 23
EDUC 106Instructional Supervision/Coordination I of Career Technical Education 33
EDUC 107Instructional Supervision/Coordination II of Career Technical Education 33
EDUC 109Career Guidance in Career Technical Education1
EDUC 110Current Issues in Career Technical Education3
EDUC 111Education for Career Technical Students with Special Needs3
EDUC 112Legislation and Financing of Career Technical Education3
EDUC 113Introduction to Technology Based Teaching Strategies in Career Technical Education3
EDUC 114Multicultural Career Technical Education for a Pluralistic Society3
EDUC 115Behavior Management and Total Quality Management in Career Technical Education Program3
HLSC 136School Health Education2
Electives (0-6 Units)
Select 0-6 units of electives: 40 - 6
Special Problems in Career Technical Education
Field Experience in Career Technical Education
Total Units39-45