BS in Career and Technical Studies

Units required for the Major: 40
Total units required for BS: 120

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Studies (BSCTS) is an online degree completion program designed to prepare working adults with practical, marketable skills to successfully enter new careers or advance in their current fields.The program is versatile and can be applied to a variety of disciplines. The degree can serve as a springboard to a master’s degree or as a career ladder into many professions.

This program uses instructional techniques suited to adult learners, including real world instruction and personalized academic advising. We also offer networking opportunities and accelerated programming.

The BSCTS program is offered through a partnership between the College of Continuing Education and the College of Education at Sacramento State. Students must earn a grade of C- or better in all BSCTS major courses in order to earn the degree.

The BSCTS Program requires that students have three years, full-time, paid work experience in a career technical/educational/business field. 

Admission to Sacramento State is required for this program. Candidates must complete general education and graduation requirements for Sacramento State and the Career and Technical Studies major.


  • In addition to the courses listed, students must receive credit through the Application for Review and Evaluation of Work Experience which will go through an evaluation process for past career technical/teaching experience and must be approved by the reviewer for the degree. Students may receive up to 30 elective units from this evaluation.

Program Requirements:

Required Courses (40 Units)
EDUC 102Foundations in Career and Technical Studies3
EDUC 103Assessment and Instruction in Adult and Organizational Training3
EDUC 104Teaching Issues of Diversity in Schools and Workplace3
EDUC 105Advanced Instructional Design, Program Evaluation and Leadership in Career Technical Studies3
EDUC 106Individual Growth Through the Examination of Personal Assets, Philosophies and Life Experiences3
EDUC 107Designing Solutions3
EDUC 109Career Guidance in Career Technical Studies1
EDUC 110Current Issues in Workforce Development3
EDUC 112Organizational Policies, Finance and Legislation3
EDUC 113Implement Digital Technologies with Ethical Knowledge3
EDUC 114Theories and Practices of Multiculturalism in Schools and Organizations3
EDUC 115Improvement Science for Organizational Effectiveness3
EDUC 116Methods of Inquiry in Career Technical Studies3
EDUC 118Integrative Perspectives in Leadership3
Total Units40

General Education Requirements  

Area A: Basic Subjects (9 Units)
A1 - Oral Communication3
A2 - Written Communication3
A3 - Critical Thinking3
Area B: Physical Universe and Its Life Forms (10 Units)
B1 - Physical Science3
B2 - Life Forms3
B3 - Lab (Note: Lab experience to be taken with one of the following: B1, B2 or B5)1
B4 - Math Concepts0
B5 - Additional Course (Any B to reach 12 units) - Take upper-division course to complete Area & upper division requirements.3
Area C: Arts and Humanities (12 Units)
C1 - Arts3
C2 - Humanities3
C1/C2 - Area C Course3
C1/C2 - Area C Course - Take upper-division course to complete Area & upper division requirements.3
Area D: The Individual and Society (6 Units)
Area D Course3
Area D Course0
Area D Course - Take upper-division course to complete Area & upper division requirements.3
Area E: Understanding Personal Development (3 Units)
Area E Course3
Area F: Ethnic Studies (3 Units)
Area F Course3
Total Units43