Certificate in Economics Education

Units required for Certificate: 15

Program Description

The Economics Education Certificate Program is designed to give participants a solid foundation in economics that will enable them to teach the subject in primary and secondary schools. The Certificate Program is intended for

  1. future or practicing teachers who desire credential authorization to teach the one-semester economics course required of all California public high school students; and
  2. future or practicing teachers who wish to infuse economics into other K-12 curricula.

Students majoring in Liberal Studies or Social Science or completing a teacher credential program are especially encouraged to participate.

Note: Participants who are not enrolled in Sacramento State may take these courses through the College of Continuing Education.

For more information about the program, contact: Director of the Center for Economic Education, Professor David M. Lang, (916) 278-7077.

Minimum Grade Requirement

A grade of “B” or higher must be obtained in each course for the Certificate. 

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses (9 Units)
ECON 1AIntroduction to Macroeconomic Analysis3
ECON 1BIntroduction to Microeconomic Analysis3
ECON 195Economic Internship 13
Elective Course (6 Units)
Select any two upper division economics course 26
Total Units15