Minor in Philosophy

Units required for Minor: 18

Program Description

The subject of philosophy encompasses such fundamental issues as the scope and limits of human knowledge, the ultimate constituents of reality, the sources of value and obligation, and the nature of logic and correct reasoning. Philosophy utilizes the findings of many other academic disciplines and, in its method, stresses clear, rigorous, impartial and systematic thought. The application of philosophical ideas to practical problems is central to the subject.

Note: Students who minor in Philosophy are free to plan a sequence of courses suited to their individual needs and interests. However, for a given major, the Department offers certain courses that have particular relevance. Contact Department advisors for course recommendations.

Program Requirements

Lower Division Courses (9 Units)
PHIL 6Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge, World and Self3
PHIL 26History of Philosophy3
Select one of the following:3
Deductive Logic I
Inductive Logic
Upper Division Courses (9 Units)
Select upper division courses in Philosophy to complete 18 units 1,29
Total Units18

Elective List

PHIL 100Ethics and Personal Values3
PHIL 101Ethics and Social Issues 3
PHIL 102Professional and Public Service Ethics3
PHIL 103Business and Computer Ethics3
PHIL 104Bioethics3
PHIL 105Science and Human Values 3
PHIL 112History Of Ethics 3
PHIL 115Philosophy In Literature 3
PHIL 117Existentialism 3
PHIL 122Political Philosophy3
PHIL 123Philosophy and Feminism3
PHIL 125Philosophy Of Science3
PHIL 126The Meanings Of Evolution3
PHIL 127History of Ancient Philosophy3
PHIL 128History of Modern Philosophy3
PHIL 131Philosophy Of Religion3
PHIL 136Philosophy Of Art3
PHIL 145AChinese Philosophy 3
PHIL 145BPhilosophies Of India 3
PHIL 152Recent Ethical Theory3
PHIL 153Philosophy Of Mind3
PHIL 154Philosophy Of Language3
PHIL 155Philosophy Of Law3
PHIL 160Deductive Logic II3
PHIL 176Twentieth Century Anglo-American Philosophy3
PHIL 180Knowledge and Understanding3
PHIL 181Metaphysics3
PHIL 192BTopics in Bioethics3
PHIL 192DSpace and Time3
PHIL 192LTopics in Philosophy Language3
PHIL 192MTopics in Philosophy of Mind3
PHIL 192OTopics in Contemporary Metaphysics3
PHIL 192RTopics in Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL 195Philosophy Internship1 - 3
PHIL 199Special Problems1 - 3