Minor in Counseling

Units required for Minor: 19

Program Description

The Counseling minor consists of 10 upper division units of Child Development and 9 upper division units of Counseling (EDC). Students will critically examine the theory and research on social and emotional development, and specifically explore the role of the family context in developmental processes, with specific attention to dynamic family processes within the larger society. Students will explore the career of counseling, and the cultural, social, and emotional factors that contribute to unhealthy psychological adjustment and abnormal behavior within developmental and social contexts.

Minimum Grade Requirement

A grade of "C-" or higher is required for all coursework in the Counseling minor.

Program Requirements

CHDV 133Quantitative Methods in Human Development3
CHDV 135Crosscultural Child Development3
CHDV 138
Social and Emotional Development
Social and Emotional Development Laboratory
EDUC 155Introduction to Counseling3
EDUC 156Power, Privilege and Self Identity in Counseling3
EDUC 157Child and Family Psychopathology3
Total Units19

Note: Students majoring in Childhood Development and in the Counseling minor may overlap a maximum of 10 units (including electives) between the minor and major. Consult with a Child Development advisor for more information.