Minor in Biological Science

Units required for Minor: 20

Program Description

The minor in Biological Sciences is designed to provide students in other majors with the opportunity to broaden their exposure to and understanding of the biological sciences. The minor complements several majors that require coursework in biological sciences, including Chemistry, Nursing, Environmental Studies, Health Science, Kinesiology, and Family and Consumer Sciences.

The minor requires 20 units. The 20 units must include a minimum of 10 upper division units at least one of the upper division courses must have a laboratory component. Three units of biochemistry may be counted toward the minor. Six upper division units must be earned in residence.

Program Requirements

No more than two units of the following may be counted toward the minor:

BIO 186ACell and Molecular Biology Seminar1
BIO/ENVS 186BEcological and Environmental Issues Seminar1
BIO 194Biology-Related Work Experience6 - 12
BIO 195Biological Internship1 - 2
BIO 197ALaboratory Teaching Assistant1 - 2
BIO 197BLaboratory Techniques1 - 2
BIO 197CCo-curricular Activities in Biology1 - 2
BIO 199AIntroductory Undergraduate Research1 - 2
BIO 199BDirected Readings1 - 2

Note: All prerequisites for all courses will be enforced.