Minor in Communication Studies

Total units required for Minor: 18, 12 of which must be upper division

Program Description

Communication Studies is a broad-based discipline concerned with the exchange of messages in interpersonal and mediated situations and with the impact of such exchanges on society. Courses focus on understanding the communication process and developing skills to communicate effectively. The Department offers a wide range of courses in interpersonal, group, and organizational communication, rhetorical theory and criticism, public relations, mass communication and research methodologies.


  • Minor programs must be approved by a Department advisor.
  • All 18 units in the Minor program must be Communication Studies courses.

Program Requirements

COMS 100ASurvey of Communication Studies 13

No more than a total of 3 units of the following can be applied to the Minor.

COMS 110Advanced Debate Workshop1
COMS 111Debate Research Practicum3
COMS 195Internship in Communication Studies1 - 6
COMS 199Special Problems1 - 3