Minor in German

Units required for Minor: 12 upper division units.

Program Description

Courses in German encompass the study of German language, literature, and culture. Language study begins with the imparting of the four basic language skills, namely, speaking, aural comprehension, reading, and writing. The teaching of these skills is provided as part of programs in liberal arts, in general education and in professional training, as well as a service for other degree programs.

The imparting of the basic language skills is the first and necessary step toward what is actually the liberal arts core of our curriculum: the upper division offerings. It is through the advanced language, literature, and culture courses that the students become familiar with the intricacies of another language and with the literary and cultural contributions made by the people who speak it.

Students who are considering the study of German should talk to a German faculty advisor. Each student minoring in German is assigned an advisor upon entry into the program. For assistance in obtaining an advisor, contact the Foreign Language Department office.

Program Requirements

Units required for Minor: 12 upper division units.

Note: Students are required to meet with an advisor for course selection.

German Studies Options

No new majors are being accepted into the German BA at this time. Please consult a German Faculty Advisor for information regarding meeting subject matter certification requirements in preparation for a teaching credential and/or a special major in German with one year of study in Germany.

Additional Information

  • Residence Requirement: Transfer students and students participating in International Programs must complete at least 6 upper-division units in German at Sacramento State.
  • Study in Germany: Students are urged to participate in a study-abroad program through California State University International Programs.
  • Credit by Examination: A maximum of 16 units in Foreign Language studies may be earned through examination, of which only 8 units may be in German.