College of Business 

Program Description

The College of Business offers a broad professional education in Business. The Bachelor of Science program offers students a choice of 9 concentrations by which they may focus their goals. Additionally, the COB's Business Honors program provides an alternative path to its most capable students to prepare them for management opportunities. All students must choose a concentration to complete their requirements for the baccalaureate degree. Students who are uncertain about which concentration to choose are encouraged to select the General Management concentration, as it is the most comprehensive. The structure of the General Management concentration also provides an overlap with the other concentrations, thus making changes in focus possible. Students who wish a more customized program may elect to complete the requirements for additional concentrations as well. For example, students may elect dual concentrations such as General Management and Management of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior. For information about program options, please visit our website at: Undergraduate Programs | Sacramento State (

The College also offers Minors in Business, Management of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Real Estate and Land Use Affairs, and Risk Management and Insurance. A Minor in Business is valuable to the student majoring in another area who wishes to supplement his/her knowledge with a business background.

Degree Programs

BS in Business Administration (Accountancy)

MS in Accountancy

Career Possibilities

Account Executive · Accountant · Auditor · Bank Examiner · Budget Analyst · Budget Officer · Certified Fraud Examiner · Certified Information Systems Auditor · Certified Internal Auditor · Certified Management Accountant · Certified Public Accountant · Chief Financial Officer · Controller · Cost Accountant · Cost Analyst · Credit Analyst · Credit Manager · Estate Planner · FBI Agent · Franchise Tax Board Agent · Government Accountant · Government Auditor · Internal Auditor · Internal Revenue Service Agent · Investment Analyst · Loan Officer · Tax Accountant · Tax Consultant · Treasurer

Contact Information

Office of the Dean

Tahoe Hall 1010
Phone: (916) 278-6578
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 Jean-Francois Coget, Dean
Mylah Nurse, Executive Assistant to the Dean
Cyndy LaFitte, Budget Analyst
Douglas, Evans, Marketing Specialist
Ale Reiher, Administrative Coordinator
Tim Richter, Director of Development

Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty Support

Tahoe Hall 2130
(916) 278-5577
Jaydeep Balakrishnan, Associate Dean
Angela Park-Girouard, Administrative Analyst
Jeannie Hansen, Faculty Personnel Analyst

Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Tahoe Hall 2028
(916) 278-6463
Andrey Mikhailitchenko, Associate Dean
Barbara (Mei Po) Vong, Administrative Analyst
Maryam Sabet, Academic Programs Coordinator & Enrolment Specialist

Office of Student Engagement

Tahoe Hall 1030
(916) 278-BIZZ (2499)
Bonnie McDonald Beevers, Director
Sanitta Coey, Administrative Coordinator
Maggie Hansen, Program Coordinator

Undergraduate Business Advising Center

Tahoe Hall 1030
(916) 278-BIZZ (2499)

Graduate Programs Office 
(EPP / MPS / Grad Career Svs.)
Tahoe Hall 1020
Oliver Liu, Interim Director of Graduate Programs

Executive & Professional Programs (EPP)

(916) 278-5767
Claire Goldsby, Graduate Programs Coordinator
Maryanne Ruperto, Administrative Coordinator
Serena Hoffman, EPP Advisor

MBA Program Services (MPS)
(916) 278-3354
Contact the MBA Program Services

Sophie Mills, Graduate Recruitment & Admissions Coordinator 
Jeanie Williams, Graduate Coordinator & MBA Advisor 

Business Graduate Career Services

Tahoe Hall 2065
(916) 278-7142
Brent Bynum, Director