Minor in Business Analytics

Units required for Minor: 15

Program Description

The amount of data flowing from, to, and through enterprises of all sorts is enormous, and growing rapidly—more rapidly than the capabilities of organizations to use it. Successful enterprises are those that make effective use of the abundance of data to which they have access: to make better predictions, better decisions, and form better strategies. Business analytics—which encompasses a variety of techniques to extract useful information from different sources of data—is being embraced at an increasing rate by organizations that need to gain actionable and forward-looking insight from their data. The minor in business analytics will provide students with the cutting-edge knowledge and skills they need to use and gather data to identify, understand, and deliver insights that internal and external clients find vital to organizational success.

A student wishing to minor in Business Analytics must file a Minor request petition (obtained in the Undergraduate Business Advising Center).

Program Requirements

DS 101Introduction to Business Analytics3
DS 102Foundation and Tools for Business Analytics3
DS 110Data Mining for Business Analytics3
MIS 183Business Intelligence Applications3
Select one of the following:3
Decision Analytics
Advanced Business Analytics
Business Process Engineering and ERP Configuration
Machine Learning Applications in Business
Accounting Data Analytics
Modern Portfolio Management
Marketing Analytics
Supply Chain Analytics
Total Units15