Minor in Hellenic Studies

Total units required in the minor: 21 with at least 12 in upper division

Program Description

The Hellenic Studies minor emphasizes coursework and independent study in the areas of Greek language, Greek History, Greek politics, and Greek arts and literature. The Hellenic Studies curriculum includes lower and upper division classes offered by the departments of Foreign Languages, History, Humanities and Religious Studies, Philosophy, Government, and Art. The minor is associated with the Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection www.library.csus.edu/tsakopoulos in the Sacramento State Library.

Program Requirements

Specific Course Requirements (15 Units)
HIST 101ALanguage and written culture in Ancient Greece3
or HIST 102A Culture and Language in Modern Greece, 1821-1909
HIST 101BLanguage and written culture in Ancient Greece3
or HIST 102B Culture and Language in Modern Greece, 1909-Present
HIST 109History of Modern Greece3
or HIST 103 Mediterranean Europe: From the Renaissance to the European Union
HIST 111Ancient Greece3
HRS 113The Culture of Classical Greece3
Electives (6 Units)
Select two of the following, for a total of at least 6 units:6
Art of the Ancient Mediterranean
Elementary Modern Greek
Elementary Modern Greek
Ancient Science
Everyday Life and Society in Antiquity
Greece¿s Turbulent Century, 1909 - 2010
Ottoman State and Society
Paganism in the Roman World
Classical Mythology
Reason and Revelation: The Origins of Western Culture
History of Philosophy
History Of Ethics
Philosophy Of Science
History of Ancient Philosophy
Political Thought I
History of the Theatre: Ancient to Renaissance
Total Units21

Note: Students are required to seek advising from a Hellenic Studies advisor.