Punjabi (PUNJ)

How to Read Course Descriptions

PUNJ 1A.     Elementary Punjabi. 4 Units

Term Typically Offered: Fall only

Introduction to Punjabi as spoken in India and Pakistan. Instruction will be in all four language skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing. In addition to getting a start in modern Punjabi, students will also learn about social aspects of the use of Punjabi.

PUNJ 1B.     Elementary Punjabi. 4 Units

Prerequisite(s): PUNJ 1A.

General Education Area/Graduation Requirement: Humanities (Area C2), Foreign Language Graduation Requirement

Term Typically Offered: Spring only

Continuation of PUNJ 1A, with emphasis on reading, writing, listening and speaking. Punjabi culture and its reflection in the language is given continued attention.