Minor in History

Units required for Minor: 24, all of which must be taken in History; a minimum of 12 upper division units is required

Program Description

History, in the broad sense, is the study of all human experience. It examines the people, institutions, ideas, and events from the past to the present. The study of history contributes to cultural literacy and develops critical thinking and other useful skills while helping students understand the present and plan for the future. Historical study provides a solid, fundamental preparation for careers in business, industry, government, and education. It also serves as excellent preparation for law school, foreign service, international work, urban affairs, historical consulting, and library science.

Minimum Grade Requirement

Grade "C-" or better required for courses applied to the minor.

Program Requirements

HIST 17AUnited States History, 1607-1877 3
HIST 17BUnited States History, 1877-Present 3
Select one of the following sets:6
Survey of Early Western Civilization
Survey of Modern Western Civilization
World History I: to 1500
World History from 1500 to the Present.
Select 12 units of Upper Division History Courses12
Total Units24