Minor in Park Management

Units required for Minor: 15

Program Description

The Minor in Park Management is designed for non-RPTA majors interested in learning about career areas and concepts related natural resource and park law enforcement. Park Management can lead to careers in several land management agencies including California State Parks, National Parks (US Department of Interior), National Forests (US Department of Agriculture), Army Corps of Engineers, and the Bureau of Land Management. Concepts related to recreation ecology, visitor management, cultural and heritage resources, and environmental interpretation are included.

The minor requires 15 units, and must include at least 9 units of upper division coursework taken in residence at Sacramento State.

Minimum Grade Requirement

A grade of "C-" or better is required in all upper division courses applied to the minor. 

Program Requirements

Required (3 Units)
RPTA 42Recreation and Parks: Natural, Cultural, and Heritage Resources3
Electives (12 Units)
Select 9 units from the following: 1, 2, 39
Ecology Of Resource Areas
Visitor Management in Recreation Areas
Law Enforcement for Forest and Park Rangers
Environmental Interpretation
Select three units of elective coursework from RPTA courses. A student may count an elective course outside of RPTA with permission from their RPTA Minor Advisor.3
Total Units15