Certificate in Non-Profit Administration

Units required for Certificate: 12

Program Description

The Non-profit and tax-supported agencies are increasingly under pressure to secure their own funding and provide evidence of the impact of their programs. The certificate program in Non-Profit Administration provides students with solid skills to lead agencies in the public sector with course work in grant writing, fundraising, volunteer management and several other aspects of management for non-profit agencies.  Non-RTPA majors can declare the Minor in Non-Profit Administration.

Completion of any of the program entitles a student to receive a certificate for that program in addition to the Bachelor of Science diploma.  Certificates are officially recognized by the university and will appear on a student's transcript and may be listed on a student's résumé.  Students must be declared RPTA majors or minors in order to enroll in the certificate programs.  If a student fails to complete the major or minor, the certificate will not be awarded. All units must be taken in Recreation, Parks & Tourism Administration. 

Bachelor of Science students: In addition to complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation Administration, students may also complete one or more of the certificate programs.  Units in the certificates may overlap with required and supportive courses in the major.

Minor students: With advisor approval, students in the RPTA Minor Program may take courses in the certificate programs to partially fulfill the requirements of the minor (please read all of the minor requirements above).  Students must complete all of the requirements for the minor to receive the certificate.

Minimum Grade Requirement

A grade of "C-" or better is required in all courses applied to the certificate.

Program Requirements

Required Courses (6 Units)
RPTA 107
RPTA 164Leadership and Fundraising for Non-profit Organizations3
RPTA 165Volunteer Management in Nonprofit, Service, or Community Organizations3
Electives (3 Units)
Select one of the following courses:3
Race, Class Gender and Leisure
Recreation Services for Diverse, Underserved and Underrepresented Populations
Community Organization
Conference and Meeting Planning
Youth Development in Recreation, Parks & Tourism
Professional Organization Leadership
Total Units9