MA in Education (Behavioral Sciences Gender Equity Studies)

Total units required for MA: 30

Program Description

The Master of Arts in Education, Behavioral Sciences Gender Equity Studies offers:

  1. the opportunity to take courses that focus on gender roles from the points of view of the various disciplines from other University departments;
  2. the opportunity to take courses that focus on the social constructs of gender, race, and socioeconomic status;
  3. the opportunity to focus on the developmental needs of students for a nonsexist education; and
  4. to develop an understanding of the many political and social issues affecting gender constructs in schools, the workforce, and the impact on society. 

The purpose of the program is to offer graduate students an opportunity to be change agents in the educational system and to make a difference in student's lives, which includes an understanding of intersectionality.  

Admission Requirements

Admission as a classified graduate student requires:

Requirements/Procedures for MA in Education, Behavioral Science Gender Equity

  • a baccalaureate degree;
  • a minimum 3.0 GPA in the last 60 units attempted;
  • proficiency in written English composition as demonstrated by either passing the Sacramento State Writing Placement for Juniors exam or equivalent, or enrolling in ENGL 109W passing with a grade of C or better;
  • a two page essay on education/gender related topics;
  • an approved statement of purpose that addresses:
    1. Why the applicant wants to enter this particular program;
    2. Career objectives which will coincide with program goals;
  • participate in an oral interview (interviews will be scheduled after applicants submit their Program application). Interviews are scheduled after the Program and Office of Graduate Studies applications are due.

Evidence of completion of a previous course(s) with "B" or better grade (graduate or undergraduate level) which focuses on the area of Women's Studies and/or Gender Studies and/or course on social justices focus which includes issues on gender.

Applicants who have deficiencies in admission requirements that can be removed by specified additional preparation may be admitted with conditionally classified graduate status. Any deficiencies will be noted on a written response to the student's admission application.

Admission Procedures

Prospective graduate students, including Sacramento State graduates, must file the following with the Office of Graduate Studies, Riverfront Center 215, (916) 278-6470.

  • An online application, via Cal State Apply, for admission; and
  • One set of official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, other than Sacramento State.

The graduate degree program is subject to general University and Departmental requirements.  These requirements are explained in the Graduate Degree Requirements section of the University Catalog.

Specific Additional Admission Procedures

MA in Education, Behavioral Science Gender Equity cohorts begin in fall semester. Applicants must complete a university application and department application by the posted application deadline date for the term applying.

Each applicant must also complete the following procedures with the Graduate and Professional Studies in Education by the same due dates noted above.

Minimum Units and Grade Requirement for the Degree

Units required for the MA:  30

Minimum Cumulative GPA:  3.0

Advancement to Candidacy

Students working toward a Master's degree must file an application for Advancement to Candidacy, indicating a proposed program of study. This procedure should begin as soon as the classified graduate student has:

  • been assigned an advisor;
  • removed any deficiencies in admission requirements;
  • completed 12 units of content knowledge units with a minimum 3.0 GPA; and
  • satisfied the Writing Placement for Graduate Students (WPG) requirement within the first two semesters of coursework at California State University, Sacramento. Students may satisfy this requirement via a WPG waiver (see Office of Graduate Studies website for waiver requirements). If students do not satisfy this requirement via a WPG waiver, students must do the following:
  • take the WPG Exam
    • If WPG Exam is passed, WPG requirement is satisfied;
    • If WPG Exam not passed, WPG requirement not satisfied, and student must:
      • Take ENGL 220W (offered through the College of Continuing Education) and pass with a grade of “B” or better; or
      • Take GRE/GMAT and score 4.5 or higher on the Analytical Writing portion and submit a waiver to the Office of Graduate Studies.

Advancement to Candidacy forms are available in the Department office and on the Office of Graduate Studies website. The student fills out the form after planning a degree program in consultation with a faculty advisor and approved by the Graduate Coordinator. The completed form is then returned to the Office of Graduate Studies for approval. Please note deadline dates posted by the Office of Graduate Studies for submission of this form.

Students take the following two required courses: EDTE 290 MA Seminar  and EDTE 506 Master's Culminating Experience.  Students will complete the core courses and file and have approved a Reservation Form for EDTE 506 the semester before intended registration.  Enrollment in the culminating experience  may occur only after advancement to candidacy.

Thesis/Project Registration

The Thesis/Project course (EDTE 506) requires the student to file and have an approved Thesis/Project Petition form and Advisor Reservation form on record with the MA in Education, Behavioral Science Program Coordinator. Both forms are due by April 1st for fall enrollment and by November 1st for spring enrollment. Failure to meet these deadlines will result in the inability to enroll in the Thesis/Project course (EDTE 506).

EDTE 506 course is required for students to complete their thesis/project. Enrollment EDTE 506 Culminating Experience course for one semester. The expectation is that students will complete the thesis/project during the 500-level course.  If students fail to make adequate progress according to their Proposal timeline and there are no mitigating circumstances (e.g., illness), a grade of "no credit" is given, and the student must re-enroll in EDTE 506 Culminating Experience. Enrollment in the culminating experience may occur only after approval of the Advancement to Candidacy. In order for students to take the EDTE 599 course, the bulk of the thesis/project (all chapters completed with minor editing needed) must be completed prior to taking the EDTE 599 course and require the Program Coordinator’s approval.

Please be aware that this program follows the guidelines provided by the American Psychological Association's (APA), most current edition, for formatting of projects. The Office of Graduate Studies, River Front Center 215, (916) 278-6470, also publishes a two-sided form, Project Format Requirements, to refer to for the preparation and submission of the Master's Project. You can find this form and other Graduate Studies forms on the web on the Office of Graduate Studies website.

Program Requirements

Required Courses (15 Units)
EDUC 165Sex Role Stereotyping in American Education 3
EDTE 250Educational Research 3
EDTE 251Education for a Democratic, Pluralistic Society3
EDTE 266Gender Constructs in Education3
EDTE 290Seminar: Preparation of Master's Thesis/Project3
Electives (12 Units)
Select 12 units of electives 112
Culminating Requirement (3 Units)
EDTE 506Culminating Experience: Gender Equity Studies in Education 23
Total Units30