Minor in Occupational Health and Safety

Units required for the Minor: 18, all of which must be Public Health courses. There are 12 units of required upper division courses and 6 units of upper division electives.

Program Description

Students can expect to be involved in areas that deal with significant issues within the public health pertaining to occupational health and safety, such as occupational diseases, biological, and physical agents; control, mitigation and management of health and safety hazards; laws and regulations; unintentional injury causes and prevention; analysis and investigation of occupational injuries and illness; and other personal, occupational, and community health and safety issues. The curriculum emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of occupational health and safety.

The Occupational Health and Safety Minor requirements are achievable and relevant to all disciplines, especially sciences, engineering, environmental studies, health and business. Undergraduate students in any discipline can choose this minor as part of their curriculum. This minor will help students prepare for jobs in various settings such as state and federal agencies, hospitals, manufacturing, construction, insurance, automotive industry, and warehouses, typically in roles such as occupational health and safety specialists, safety managers, safety engineers, EHS specialist, industrial hygienist, safety inspectors and insurance specialists. It will also prepare them for higher studies and research in the area of occupational health and safety.  

Admission Requirements

Students need to have an overall GPA of 2.5 or more and be in good academic standing to declare the Minor in Occupational Health and Safety. 

Minimum Grade Requirement

All Public Health courses must be completed with a "C" grade or better. 

Program Requirements 

Required Upper Division Courses (12 Units)12
PUBH 100Fundamentals of Safety and Health3
PUBH 106Occupational Health3
PUBH 107Occupational Safety3
PUBH 108Occupational Health and Safety Laws and Regulations3
Additional Upper Division Requirements (18 Units)6
Select two of the following:6
PUBH 109Cause and Control of Occupational Loss3
PUBH 116Public Health Policy, Management & Administration3
PUBH 118Introduction to Public Health3
PUBH 147Health Data Analysis3